Author of ideagnose.

What will ideagnose Blog offer ?

A variety of intellectual material by way of blog posts written by: Thamir (the author of this blog/website).

I tend to believe my thought process and writing is extremely sticky to the fundamentals of things, to the point where it’s sometimes extremely difficult to move past them, so if you’re interested in that messy exploration, this is the place.


Topics presented to the table will roam around science, the nature of reality, consciousness, psychology, emotions, history, economics, AI systems, markets, countries, political systems, social structures, religion, language, philosophy, goals, life, and more…

Yeah, I’m that type of guy, so…

The name:

The name was a combination between two words: idea and diagnose. The two words were merged in hope to get a new meaning out of these two words, which is: the trial to “diagnose” different ideas and philosophies!