Life Lessons And Observations

This blog has no shortage of records of long detailed routes to wisdom,

but this one, on the other hand, is going to be an attempt to share some concise & succinct “wisdoms” I’ve jotted down in my notes.

The exclusive benefit of quotes & short aphorisms lie in the fact that we don’t have the time to lose some grip of our attention or forget the wisdom as we are reading through them,

because they’re so concise, direct, & condensed, unlike longer passages of wisdom & stories, which also have their own benefits, of course.

- The true adventure of life starts when you understand the gap between yourself & best self is infinite.
- Humility is the willingness to destroy parts of yourself. Honesty is the hammer you strike those parts with.
- Everyone is informed nowadays, but a lot of the times on the wrong things.
- Writing improves speaking, the opposite is not true.
- If you're alive, everything worth living for is already in your possession.
- Many disagreements between people pertain to language & style rather than content.
- Being grateful on your "good" days is an observation. Being grateful on your "bad" days is genuine gratitude.
- The extreme opposite to a herd mentality is also destructive. Sometimes, people are wiser than you.
- Exceptions don't disprove rules, but they give rules interesting riddles to think about.
- Excessive comparison to others is an implicit attack & blindfold on your unique capabilities.
- Opportunities different people get are massively disproportionate, get over it.
- Most people conflate disagreeableness with narcissism.
- Money is not "independence". Money simply distributes your dependence to the market.
- Limits Define what things are.
- Beware of disagreeing with someone because of "how" they said something. A rude person might give you some life-changing advice.
- Seeking truth & telling your opinions fearlessly, are the same thing.
- Regret is infinite feedback to things you shouldn't do.
- Learning from the best only, is an implicit echo-chamber.
- Courage is not lack of fear, it's acting inspite of that fear.

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